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trent lawrence.


Network Engineer, System Engineer, IoT technologist

I am a hard working, dedicated individual who is willing go the extra mile to complete my objectives. I strive for success in my studies and professional development. I am eager to make a positive impact on those around me, in order to collectively excel in our goals and undertakings.





2020 - 2023

Merchant e-Solutions

Senior Network Engineer

  • Subject Matter Expert responsible for computer networking infrastructure, including:

    • Routers (Cisco ASR and ISR)

    • Switches (Cisco Catalyst and Cisco Nexus)

    • Firewalls (Cisco ASA and Palo Alto)

    • Load Balancers (F5 LTM

  • Manage projects, tracking, and service delivery.

  • Ability to convert project requirements into design strategy and lead through the project lifecycle

  • Research and provide networking solutions around projects related to financial transaction processing

  • Ensure High Availability for network functionality

  • Provide design, implementation, and verification plans

  • Follow PCI mandated Change Management Process

  • Mentor Junior Engineers

2016 - 2018

Cisco Systems

IoT Network Operations Engineer

  • Provides 24/7 monitoring and support for internal departments and external customers to troubleshoot problematic systems or trends.

  • Provides a leadership role in resolving service impacting incidents.

  • Meets very aggressive network availability, MTTR, and ticket handling objectives while providing hands-on leadership during network incidents. This includes leading recovery efforts, assigning recovery tasks, documenting resolution details, troubleshooting and problem-isolation, effective and timely escalation, and performing corrective actions by restarting problematic nodes when required.

  • Actively troubleshoots network connectivity issues via console on Cisco routers, switches, security appliances, and F5 load balancers, ensuring Layer 2/3 end to end connectivity. This includes ensuring successful BPG peering over VRF-Aware IPsec tunnels, and confirming nominal packet traversal.

  • Performs log file analysis and correlation to isolate potential issues and validate corrective actions.

  • Detects potential database issues and correlating locks to specific blockers, via log analysis and predefined monitoring tools.

  • Monitors 3G and 4G elements including GGSN, PGW, HLR, HSS, ITP, DRA, and proprietary software-based nodes.

  • Communicate directly with international partners for prompt resolution and reduced MTTR when congestion or link instability is observed.

  • Monitors and verifies F5 pool member health, conducting log and process analyses on unhealthy pool members, and taking corrective actions to restore nodes to a healthy state when necessary.

  • Assists in collecting network data to validate and correlate assumptions. 

  • Provides real-time communication internally and externally.

  • Works with wireless carrier partners to assist in identify interactions between their network, the Cisco network, and customers’ devices.

  • Collaborates directly with designers, developers, program managers and network quality testers.

  • Ensures successful maintenance activities by verifying approved MOPs, and follows closely to ensure MOP implementation and verification steps are performed within the framework of the approved MOP.



Sysop / Virtualization Admin

  • Implemented and manage VSphere environment that includes multiple datastores and vCenter Server.

  • Provision resource pools to customers, assigning roles and permissions and configuring pools based on purchased configuration and hardware utilization, maintaining optimal disk, cpu, and memory utilization.

  • Installed, configured, and maintain a PRTG network monitoring solution, providing real-time monitoring of ESXi hosts, virtual machines, and network links.

  • Immediately respond to support requests, providing status updates without our corporate IRC channel.

  • Provide support for guest virtual machines throughout our network, including both Windows and Linux-based hosts.

  • Maintain Sophos UTM Firewall to provide NAT firewall access to our private vRack.

2023 - Present


Devops Lead

  • Lead a team responsible for computer networking infrastructure, including:

    • Routers (Cisco ASR and ISR)

    • Switches (Cisco Catalyst, Cisco Nexus, Dell PowerConnect)

    • Firewalls (Cisco ASA and Palo Alto)

    • Load Balancers (F5 LTM)

    • Meraki (WAP and Firewall)

  • AWS cloud subject matter expert and network architect

    • Design and maintain multi-account, multi-region hybrid cloud infrastructure utilizing dedicated security inspection Virtual Private Clouds, Transit Gateway backbones and inbound endpoint traffic inspection. Global Direct Connect Gateway provides high available connectivity to multiple corporate datacenters, with traffic engineering implemented via BGP, and rapid convergence via bfd and on-prem eigrp.

    • Manage and maintain cloud network and security infrastructure utilizing infrastructure as a code via Terraform.

  • Subject matter expert for network monitoring platforms, including Solarwinds HA pair utilizing SQL Server Always-On redundant deployments.

  • Deployed Palo Alto Panorama high availability pair and synchronized log collectors, managing over 20 firewalls across multiple regions and datacenter.

  • Subject matter expert for latency based routing optimized global GlobalProect VPN deployment, utilizing SAML authentication to Okta and Duo, as well as Microsoft Active Directory user group based access controls and HIP enforcement.

  • Team management, including interviewing candidates, setting goals and expectations, tailored onboarding plans, mentoring, coaching, and training.

  • Manage projects, tracking, and service delivery, ensuring the success of each project, as well as ensuring delivery item meets or exceeds stakeholder requirements.

  • Ability to convert project requirements into design strategy and lead through the project lifecycle.

  • Research and provide networking solutions around projects related to financial transaction processing.

  • Ensure High Availability for continuous delivery of network operations.

  • Provide design, implementation, and verification plans in order to support ongoing business functions.

  • Follow PCI mandated Change Management Process

2018 - 2020

Merchant e-Solution

Network Engineer

  • Responsible for the day-to-day operations of the networking infrastructure, to include:

    • Routers (Cisco ASR and ISR)

    • Switches (Cisco Catalyst and Nexus)

    • Firewalls (Cisco ASA , Palo Alto, Imperva WAF)

  • Tier 1 support for network troubleshooting and network feature requests, escalating to Senior Network Engineers as required.

  • Work with Internet Service Providers to resolve outages and implement new features.

  • Implementation and Verification Plans for all changes, following the Change Management Process.

  • Understand business needs and participate in the project delivery lifecycle.

  • Prepare and maintain up to date documentation detailing assigned / deployed solutions.

  • Develop proactive network monitoring, reporting, and performance metrics.

  • Work collaboratively with other Network Engineering team members to support deadlines, but able to work independently as well.

  • On-call 24 x 7 network support rotation schedule.


Office Depot

Operations Manager

  • Maintained loss prevention compliance, store visual and merchandising standards.

  • Facilitated training by providing positive and constructive feedback, and the appropriate level of coaching required as a Lead.

  • Performed a Leader on Duty role by proactively engaging with customers to exceed their needs and work to generate revenue by driving a sales culture.

2008 - 2009

Times of Central Asia

Assistant Editor

  • Revised and optimized individual articles and the format and placement of articles within the newspaper.

  • Analyzed and collected relevant news reported by other news organizations.

  • Launched an internet sales division designed to sell antiquities maintained by local antique dealers.

  • Negotiated contractual terms with local dealers.

  • Created a database of products for sale at prices I negotiated through local dealers.


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